Becoming The Ideal Man Of The Future

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2 Danny 2 Furious

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i became the ideal man of the future

Ducky Před 20 hodinami
Imagine if someone went back in time and showed this video to the people who made these outfits
Emily Speck
Emily Speck Před dnem
Danny dontputcandyinyoursuit
Krunkus Munkus
Krunkus Munkus Před dnem
No. Maybe
Foxy chicken nuggets Aphmau
Foxy chicken nuggets Aphmau Před 2 dny
Guys listen to me he is dream that good at speedrun yeah I'm not joking he is dream whole time
jazzdotjenna Před 2 dny
this didnt age well
Shareen A
Shareen A Před 3 dny
the fact that he didn't just move the belt a little to the right and attach the containers all on the same side was painful to watch
apeshit Před 3 dny
Idk why the first thing I thought of when I saw his outfit was Arwin from The suite life of Zack and Cody
Clean Version
Clean Version Před 3 dny
I watched the whole tampon ad for 6 minutes
Gihyun Před 3 dny
this video has entp energy
just skate clips
just skate clips Před 4 dny
the disappointment in Laura's eyes when she first saw him
PurpleOre123 Před 5 dny
Laura: Did the guy in the video look good? Danny's Mind: What's that supposed to mean?
Garden Master V2
Garden Master V2 Před 6 dny
2020 dogwater
Sheridan Před 6 dny
Nope lmao a 2020 vid cursed
Kai Augusta
Kai Augusta Před 7 dny
With the Netflix show "cuties" out... the phrase "candies for cuties" didn't really age well.
Emily Diekemper
Emily Diekemper Před 8 dny
Dude, there's a difference between hi-temp and lo-temp hot glue guns. You've been using hi-temp glue guns this whole time, haven't you? Lo-temp glue guns don't get as hot so they cool down much faster.
Gay Panda
Gay Panda Před 9 dny
"Are all men in the future kings?" Yes. Slay all you kings.
Shih tzus and toys
Shih tzus and toys Před 11 dny
Danny: I wonder if we’re close to cool future stuff 2020 & 2021: the future is covied bishs
Snack man reacts
Snack man reacts Před 12 dny
You didn't use the candies for cuties
Stinkyboy67 Před 12 dny
Where can I get that Parrot button down tho?
Giovanni Elshout-Welch
Giovanni Elshout-Welch Před 13 dny
Nice main channel!
Maycee Debolt
Maycee Debolt Před 13 dny
Don’t get me wrong, I love that Danny posts. But when will he post on his second channel?
Maybe Green
Maybe Green Před 13 dny
O your a cutie here some … BUBBLE GUM 😂
Athena Lester
Athena Lester Před 14 dny
Some prestige fashion brand should attempt to recreate these
Del Monte Quality Corn
Del Monte Quality Corn Před 14 dny
⚠️ Instructions unclear: I don't have a skull anymore ⚠️
Off White
Off White Před 14 dny
Wow! This outfit is actually coming together this is kinda cool WAIT DONT GLUE THE BIG JAR-
Lauren Dziwulski
Lauren Dziwulski Před 15 dny
This is such a great video
Lauren Dziwulski
Lauren Dziwulski Před 15 dny
Bubblegum my favorite line
Random Wonders
Random Wonders Před 15 dny
I think the crown is not for contacting aliens it’s for contacting cuties
moony Před 17 dny
She was a cutie ☺💓 But he didn't have candy 😔🙄✋🏼
STRNGE Před 16 dny
s i p p
s i p p Před 18 dny
Why does this smell like *nasty*
Doge Před 18 dny
Have you ever considered doing a third channel where you get extra Wacky and funky. And drink 1 1/2 la Croi. I’m so stupid 1 1/100000000000000000000 is a lot M why would I think that
Emily Hurricane
Emily Hurricane Před 22 dny
the mario music in the background makes me happy lol
Rylie Silver
Rylie Silver Před 24 dny
Danny’s eyes make him look like he hasn’t slept in 18 years
Elijah Smith
Elijah Smith Před 25 dny
We made it to 2020 Give it some days
Anonymous Onyx
Anonymous Onyx Před 25 dny
God I love Laura she's adorable 🌻
Robby Videos
Robby Videos Před 25 dny
He looks like a weird janitor
•fearlessly, kayley • tpwk•
•fearlessly, kayley • tpwk• Před 25 dny
this is random but i just showed my sister this video and she was like "omg he's so small" ahaha
I’m_a_Crybaby Před 26 dny
This was before 2020 got really bad 😣
Doge Gang
Doge Gang Před 26 dny
jillie_pi Před 26 dny
"No more shaving, ties, or pockets" they predicted 2020 would be the year no one left their house.
SAM Před 27 dny
Wait! Where did you get that belt!?
Iz Art
Iz Art Před 27 dny
There's an alternate universe where this is where people dress
Blitzn Před 27 dny
is this his mian chanel?
Landon The Crow
Landon The Crow Před 25 dny
No this is his second channel where he likes to get a little bit goofy and wacky and likes to drink la croix
Ruby Před 29 dny
As a person of the future, I can inform you that you are, in fact, a man of the future. Fellow future people, fuel us with your updates.
Angela Před měsícem
Your facial reactions are the best😄
Leiana Russo
Leiana Russo Před měsícem
Omg me and Danny have the same exact phone
Kwasont Před měsícem
No Danny we didn’t think we would never get here we wish that we didn’t get here
giddyisme Před měsícem
When you give a candy to a cutie 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
lily ad
lily ad Před měsícem
For some reason, this has become my Essay motivation video. I have no idea why, but every time I need to write a paper I watch this video and then I feel motivated to write. thank you for helping my grades Danny.
Rotten Candy
Rotten Candy Před měsícem
Is lacroix a french brand? Because I'm french and I never saw it anywhere ;-; For fizzy water I only see badoit, rozana, perrier, salveta etc :c
Bella Waters
Bella Waters Před měsícem
If my husbands sense of style isn’t as good as Danny then I’m divorcing him.
All Jammed Up
All Jammed Up Před měsícem
I fuckin' love this man. An ideal man.
Paige Edwards
Paige Edwards Před měsícem
Love ur shirt danny
Bobby Před měsícem
Wait this is his second channel? I thought this was his main channel.
bob the tomato in a maid dress l
bob the tomato in a maid dress l Před měsícem
it’s the sleeves for me < it’s the sleeves what does it.
moony Před měsícem
My ocd gets triggered when he doesn't say "this is my second channel where I get a little bit more goofy and wacky and drink la croix" in exactly that manner
caleb h36
caleb h36 Před měsícem
Danny looks like every person in the group project got their own section
Herman Před měsícem
🍬 for 👩
RanneAmethyst Před měsícem
"Never thought we would make it here" Me: yeah
aymeelynn_ Před měsícem
This was posted about 1 or 2 months before corona. 💔
Herman Před měsícem
No it wasn't. Corona came late 2019 and the video was uploaded in February of 2020
MEX Mirror
MEX Mirror Před měsícem
Did he do a scrubby reference-
Samer Chowdhury
Samer Chowdhury Před měsícem
Steve Jobs saw the original video and decided to make Apple
Dresha802 Před měsícem
Wait why did i just realize how jacked his arms look while he's pressing the first container down?????
Dabi Todoroki
Dabi Todoroki Před měsícem
Me in 2021 hearing Danny about how great 2020 will be : well- 😬
Guste 365
Guste 365 Před měsícem
I fell like he needs to belly dance in that thing
Stellaris _
Stellaris _ Před měsícem
0:42 *war flashbacks*
Charlie Winder
Charlie Winder Před měsícem
oh look its his main channel...
sometimes azza
sometimes azza Před měsícem
you know it s his second channel when you see la croix
isabel soan
isabel soan Před měsícem
Danny's future children are gonna be very confused when going through boxes in the attic
Brigid Gilligan
Brigid Gilligan Před měsícem
CaNdY fOr CuTiEs
Herman Před měsícem
Sindragozer Před měsícem
You should sell "Candies for Cuties" valentines day cards next year
Dove the Skywing
Dove the Skywing Před měsícem
Omg I drink La Croix so much! (Btw, I just found ur second channel lol)
Woodo Před měsícem
Hey danny, i think you deserve some candies
Ella Riddle
Ella Riddle Před měsícem
Anyone watching this now? If only he knew....
mila Před měsícem
anyone here in 2021... no just me-- ok :/
Will Fahey
Will Fahey Před měsícem
Ah yes, in the future. 20 years ago.
hi Před měsícem
orange la croix better noob
Mrs. Bees
Mrs. Bees Před měsícem
You forgot to give your cutie a candy!
Ashley Banana
Ashley Banana Před měsícem
Zacuroo bakaroo
Danyel Garcia
Danyel Garcia Před měsícem
So.. his main channel?.. or?..
PixelDrake Před měsícem
hold on, this man drinks the limoncello la croix????? That ain't right.....
Patrick Před měsícem
And you didn't shave for a year in preparation for the video!
Patrick Před měsícem
Pretty sure "cuties" are children...
Herman Před měsícem
are you a stock photo
Herman Před měsícem
Hi Patrick
Calvin Před měsícem
looks like something out of buck rogers
Amara Rose
Amara Rose Před měsícem
Yeah... 2020 was different all right. Nobody could predict what happened. A pandemic, riots, fires, a crazy election.
Hannah Gs
Hannah Gs Před měsícem
I love that the people in the past thought the future fashions would still be women wearing formal dresses and men wearing nice pants, but like metallic looking. Like looking at history fashions even up to the 30s were only getting simpler and more casual lol why would the women of 2000s wear the exact same style dresses. Idk why this is bugging me
ThatDoctorB01 Před měsícem
jesus, the drip 😎😳🥵
Arianna Gabrielle
Arianna Gabrielle Před měsícem
Every time I see a video from before 2020 I just think "Lol, they have absolutely no clue."
Katie Shrum
Katie Shrum Před měsícem
Katie Shrum
Katie Shrum Před měsícem
Tub Girl
Tub Girl Před měsícem
I think that 'cuties' was referring to children, but that would be sus as fuck.
serene Cartagena
serene Cartagena Před měsícem
Drove me insane with how long it took him to cut the belt
Feyre, High Lady of The Night Court
Feyre, High Lady of The Night Court Před měsícem
Danny, 2020 didn’t feel like living in the future. It felt like living in hell.
Nolan Farrish
Nolan Farrish Před měsícem
Demiglitch Před měsícem
Even peanut is scared
The Random!
The Random! Před měsícem
Can you mail me some of those Containers?
Deanna Wilcox
Deanna Wilcox Před měsícem
6 seconds in and Danny i must say that is the most dapper shirt. Nice scarlet macaw shirt ol chap
Kokichi Ouma
Kokichi Ouma Před měsícem
ummm im coming back in 2021 and i have realized he had no clue how 2020 was gonna go...
ancient lemon
ancient lemon Před měsícem
Pitch io
Pitch io Před měsícem
But what if somebody time traveled and saw this video and then made that video
The Names Liam
The Names Liam Před měsícem
Him though 2020 good year me in 2021 nope
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