la croix tier list

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2 Danny 2 Furious

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i rank the drank

Meuric Před 4 hodinami
Bruh coconut is my favorite....
Van Hofeldt
Van Hofeldt Před 4 hodinami
Texas heb store brand la croix is so good. Also lemon chello suuuckkksss
Offended_Goose Před 7 hodinami
“I was expecting the tangerine to taste like orange, but it tasted like tangerine.” Well Danny, maybe there’s an explanation for that, but it’s definitely not because it’s tangerine flavored!
Maddy V
Maddy V Před 9 hodinami
Shycu Před 12 hodinami
tl;dr watching young face drink soda
Nathan DeLange
Nathan DeLange Před 22 hodinami
Key lime is my absolute favorite
gamersonic 224
gamersonic 224 Před dnem
Is there alcohol in la croix
Danny Cas
Danny Cas Před dnem
I'm sorry here, but I can't respect anyone's opinion on La Croix who doesn't understand how bees work.
water royale trash
water royale trash Před dnem
17:30 did he say it tastes like LEMON QUESO!?!? IM IN!!!!
Michael Před dnem
Bro, you got me on the Croix caravan
Black Hearted
Black Hearted Před dnem
Oh god cuz of these video I tried la croix and it was bad tell me how water carbonation and "natural flavor" make something truly awful
Black Hearted
Black Hearted Před dnem
I no longer like raspberry cuz as a kid I ate cat pee covered berries
Master chief
Master chief Před dnem
bubly is WAY better than la croix
bobweirdgames 13
bobweirdgames 13 Před dnem
My favourite soda is pepsi raspberry
Rutiaco the Yuty
Rutiaco the Yuty Před dnem
Lemon chello sucks lol
Josie Joyner
Josie Joyner Před dnem
i have never heard of a family color coding their children thank you for sharing
Asher Fuller
Asher Fuller Před 2 dny
Im a little stupid because I thought it was the main channel
Ava Mungall
Ava Mungall Před 2 dny
no clue if this is in American but in uk we have something called lime and soda which is lime cordial and fizzy water comment if you do have it in America??
kendrick thomas
kendrick thomas Před 2 dny
kendrick thomas
kendrick thomas Před 2 dny
I bought La Croix and can to this channel cause I know we like to get a little silly and drink la Croix, they need to sponsor you
Arian Mahmood
Arian Mahmood Před 3 dny
1:50 man...... Where is your sideburn?
anonymer user
anonymer user Před 3 dny
In many european countries carbonated water is actually very popular (we call it sparkling water), and in some you even struggle to find like the non-sparkling kind in stores. I think lacroix would go pretty good here, although we alreay have many options like these.
Alex Hill
Alex Hill Před 3 dny
I love how earnest this video is
Benjamin Doughty
Benjamin Doughty Před 5 dny
If that stupid coconut la croix gets a good teir imma loose it
Poopy Před 5 dny
What does croix even mean???
GreatExplosion_KingDynamite〈3 Před 5 dny
Instead of 2 Danny 2 Furious its: 2 Danny 2 Story Time
KymDoesKpopCovers, IGuess
KymDoesKpopCovers, IGuess Před 5 dny
Danny: "It has just the right amount of flavor." Me: **Fondly sips Pamplemousse La Croix**
Androkon Před 6 dny
Carbonating water also creates acid, so it does taste different. Slightly acidic. Which is why I hate plain sparkling water. Also also, hibiskus flowers create fruit, which is usually what "hibiskus flavored" stuff is flavored after. And those fruit contain itching powder.
Spo0kie Mo0kie
Spo0kie Mo0kie Před 6 dny
la croy ter list!!!!!
Radish Před 8 dny
Color coded children
StannyGTech Před 8 dny
Awesome video, however, too much editing. Try to edit your videos smoother (don't change the shot too often. When opening the can, film the whole process, don't switch out of it so fast)
Akal Bawa
Akal Bawa Před 9 dny
key lime is lime from the keys
Grace Holm
Grace Holm Před 9 dny
How does one *bust* in a good way?
Wrainen Před 9 dny
Whats an ornj. Is that like an orange?
DoTheMario Před 9 dny
appricot? it's aypricot
viv Před 10 dny
so is no one going to tell him about the la croix cola...
turtle kid
turtle kid Před 10 dny
"I think I'm bout to bust and not in a good way" -Danny Gonzalez
wee Před 10 dny
peach pear is the best easily
Clementine The moth
Clementine The moth Před 10 dny
I freaking love la croix it is just tv static
the cheese aisle
the cheese aisle Před 11 dny
The dislikes are people who like watermelon La Croix 🍉
onion lady
onion lady Před 11 dny
most youtubers scandals: sorry for saying the n-word 😕 danny’s scandals: this might upset people but i dont like cranberry
Marcela Fae
Marcela Fae Před 11 dny
Is 'la croix' pronounced like this?
kpop bear
kpop bear Před 12 dny
danny : la croix is great me : drinking coke while watching the video “nice”
Rachel Tucker
Rachel Tucker Před 12 dny
this is funny my faves are pretty opposite of what danny likes also im one of those sociopaths that buys pure and enjoys it
Rachel Tucker
Rachel Tucker Před 12 dny
does anyone else call it bubble water or just my family
Peely Augustus the Roman emperor
Peely Augustus the Roman emperor Před 12 dny
oh my god guys its a video of a thing with a thing by a guy ok
Ajhey127 Před 12 dny
Have you tried Bubbly?
gabe lusher
gabe lusher Před 12 dny
how white do you have to be to like f***ing lacroix
Jackmate Tate
Jackmate Tate Před 13 dny
Joey Russo
Joey Russo Před 13 dny
About the coconut: "it kinda has that sunscreen kinda taste..." Does- Does danny eat sunscreen?
•XxItJustMexX• Před 14 dny
Dreammmmmmm helllooooo
Caitlin Robinson
Caitlin Robinson Před 14 dny
i want to like it, but it tastes like sad beer. And I don't even like beer. I was still entertained by your ranking.
equanimoux Před 14 dny
“apprecot” 😔
Dash Horton-Szar
Dash Horton-Szar Před 14 dny
Dany after the video has finished recording: *CHOG NOISES INTENSIFY*
Nuance Maximalist
Nuance Maximalist Před 15 dny
Danny! you gotta try the Cola flavorrr
KARENOS Před 15 dny
I drank every flavor except tangerine to sum it up 1. Lemon cello.....
KombuchaBoi87 Před 15 dny
My cousin used to think it was pronounced la crotch 😳
vivek Před 15 dny
Danny: my brother would have green things while I had blue things and my sister had reds things. My brain: *pj mask theme plays*
Melody Rose
Melody Rose Před 15 dny
coconut is.... the best flavor
The Shrimp Boat Captain
The Shrimp Boat Captain Před 15 dny
drinking la croix while watching a la croix tier list
WoodyNinja_TRYclan Před 15 dny
i guessed the lemmon shellow la croix and im wrong
Jake Jaxn
Jake Jaxn Před 16 dny
Do y’all not drink Bubly in America or only La Croix
Alexa Zisa
Alexa Zisa Před 17 dny
I love how Lacroix named it limoncello, a famously pungent, strong alcoholic drink, when literally all it is is cream Soda LMAO. It could not be less like limoncello.
Daniel's Gaming
Daniel's Gaming Před 17 dny
I have finally found another human being that likes almond joy other then me
S S Před 16 dny
can i join the almond joy lovers club. I didn’t know until now that it was unpopular lol
Daniel's Gaming
Daniel's Gaming Před 17 dny
I think almond joy only make their candy for me and Danny
anna grace
anna grace Před 17 dny
i bought la croix after this even though i know i don’t like it and lemon cello actually kinda slaps. danny might have taste after all
anna grace
anna grace Před 17 dny
the cran razz one is disgusting tho
Jake Subel
Jake Subel Před 18 dny
....... I'm drinking a pasteque la croix while watching this
QuackaDuck f
QuackaDuck f Před 18 dny
How can you not like blue raspberry
Lily Wood
Lily Wood Před 18 dny
u liking mango is insulting to me
Faye Derose
Faye Derose Před 18 dny
ju riganti
ju riganti Před 18 dny
me, an Argentinian, sadly taking my sifon out of the fridge to get myself some refreshing soda ives
Captinkc_ 17
Captinkc_ 17 Před 19 dny
Lemon chello is the shit
Ben Rice
Ben Rice Před 19 dny
my father ate an entire coconut not including the husk or any hard part only drinking the water and eating the flesh i hate coconut
CHELSEA REI Před 19 dny
DANNY you missed Cerise Limón flavor!!!
Owen Shullaw
Owen Shullaw Před 19 dny
Disrespected passion fruit so much smh
Callum Harvey-Slager
Callum Harvey-Slager Před 19 dny
Gotta be honest, why do people like lacroix
Evil Lafayette
Evil Lafayette Před 20 dny
I used to be a La Croix boi, but then I saw the light and turned to Spindrift. Spindrift is more sweet, with the same calories. It doesn't taste like a nuclear power plant, and it is made with real juice and not natural flavors. I am truly sorry for everyone who likes La Croix.
s i p p
s i p p Před 20 dny
I used to pronounce it “la crocs”
armoji gaming
armoji gaming Před 21 dnem
sparkaling water is sometimes sour
Owen Thomas
Owen Thomas Před 21 dnem
Pure la croix is very good , ,,,, sh
Hudson Asher
Hudson Asher Před 21 dnem
Hi-Biscus gang
anna grace
anna grace Před 21 dnem
i’ve tried so hard to like la croix and after this i know i’m gonna buy some and immediately regret it cause i hate it ;(
Sasha Raydon
Sasha Raydon Před 21 dnem
danny, for your own reference passionfruit is not good. it has a indescribable bad taste to it. maybe burnt? it’s just bad. the only time i’ve been able to stomach a slice of passionfruit is when it’s absolutely doused in lime juice almost completely masking the flavor. oh fuck i just looked it up i hate papaya. i’m still going to post this since i typed this all out but passionfruit is delicious. papaya on the other hand is disgusting, repulsive if you will.
nabby Před 21 dnem
I first saw this video before I drank la croix, now I only drink la croix and I’m comparing your tier list to mine and PASSIONFRUIT IS MY FAVE HOW DARE YOU CALL IT SWEATY also coconut is F tier and I love coconut flavored stuff but coconut lacroix is like licking the hairs of a coconut shell
Ghostly Před 23 dny
Both of my favorites got A. I like your taste.
Theo Saveria
Theo Saveria Před 23 dny
just a french person wanting to let you know that at 10:51 you perfectly pronounced the word pamplemousse
Why Před 23 dny
I am drinking the watermelon Lacroix while watching this...
Why Před 23 dny
i like the watermelon Lacroix because thats the only flavor i have tried what is your fav Lacroix?
Pharaoh Lloyd
Pharaoh Lloyd Před 23 dny
Meep Beep
Meep Beep Před 23 dny
They should all be at the bottom le croix tastes like static electricity
LilRRORO Před 24 dny
*Uh-* *Well i like the coconut Lacroix-*
Irene Allende
Irene Allende Před 24 dny
I’m uncomfortable why does he have so many doors in the background
baliana honan
baliana honan Před 24 dny
me watching this video while drinking water watermelon La Croix 👁👄👁
Gabri Popadynetz
Gabri Popadynetz Před 24 dny
I bought le croix so I could drink it with Danny lmao
milo Před 24 dny
I actually started drinking La Croix because of Danny
Jiang Ping Jiang
Jiang Ping Jiang Před 24 dny
Maybe the Hibiscus one could've tasted like... pollen...
OwensaGeek 11
OwensaGeek 11 Před 24 dny
Black Cherry is top tier
KING OF KRINGE 08 Před 24 dny
the added carbon dioxide in the pure does add a bit of different flavour thats why it tastes different then normal water
Rylee G
Rylee G Před 25 dny
It only registers as gross because we're so used to drinking syrup
kali _t_c_
kali _t_c_ Před 25 dny
him: not alot of people like coconut me liking coconut flavored things: 🙄 great more slander him: i love me a good almond joy me: 🤗🤯😳🥵🥺🥰😁🤪😆😜😄💖 ^proceeds to freak out^
Rylee G
Rylee G Před 25 dny
Ok it's very weird that you and your siblings were color coded in case you didn't know
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