making a song with stephen sharer

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2 Danny 2 Furious

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2 Danny 2 Furious
2 Danny 2 Furious Před 4 měsíci
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Barbra Strysand
Barbra Strysand Před 9 dny
Bruh. Make a new original song with Stephen Sharer. It’d be swish.
Barrett Seehawer Fisher Foxy!!!
Barrett Seehawer Fisher Foxy!!! Před 11 dny
What is ridge?
Jfrostcool boy
Jfrostcool boy Před 25 dny
What music making software do you use?
a human being
a human being Před 29 dny
Cookie Consumer
Cookie Consumer Před měsícem
I am a Nugget
I am a Nugget Před 19 hodinami
^ | this guy is wrong
Admin Team gaming
Admin Team gaming Před 21 hodinou
Danny.... you hearted his comment..... DONT DO IT HE DOES FAKE VIDEOS
bobweirdgames 13
bobweirdgames 13 Před dnem
I drink a lot of irn bru
sarah Před 2 dny
i didnt watch this video for 4 months because i thought he actually collabed with stephen sharer and i was like, i cannot deal with that energy but he didnt and it was all for naught
Reapermouse05 Davis
Reapermouse05 Davis Před 2 dny
Does he really share his step hen?
Mcyt Pog
Mcyt Pog Před 2 dny
all the stares in the camera kill me also danny are you STILL eating the almonds?
JuTheTuber Před 2 dny
Artistically Před 3 dny
Why does Stephen look constantly surprised in the MV?
Leo Lopez
Leo Lopez Před 3 dny
*me forcing myself to drink a la croix with my man Dan Dan
Amir Salvador
Amir Salvador Před 4 dny
15:06 replay
Bedell Family Family
Bedell Family Family Před 4 dny
stephan share is a man child
Cy Donohue
Cy Donohue Před 4 dny
What is this army called. Are we 2 Greg 2 Furious?
Ben Miklosovic
Ben Miklosovic Před 5 dny
Damn dat shit bop harder then hard bro
Lila Jomaa
Lila Jomaa Před 6 dny
Danny Gonzalez - The only CSpostsr that’s actually a good musician.
Gxxac Random
Gxxac Random Před 7 dny
A Person Who Does Person Things
A Person Who Does Person Things Před 8 dny
I just noticed that when my wifi drops ONE BAR CSposts automatically changes the video quality to 140P. What. The. Fuck.
lex is greg
lex is greg Před 8 dny
yo this song slaps so hard it is incredible
ٍ Před 9 dny
Why does this look like it was made in 2012?
Erickson Aparicio
Erickson Aparicio Před 9 dny
I’m i the only One who wants a slushy after this
Dusty Honey
Dusty Honey Před 10 dny
This hits harder than hard
Arvin Qatar
Arvin Qatar Před 11 dny
Your are Dream seriously dude
Overtake Media
Overtake Media Před 11 dny
Danny: I'm gonna just go in and lay a fat bar on this kid Also Danny: you know, we can make this beat way better, lets just quickly rework the instrumental real quick
CerealCast Před 11 dny
We are not the same person - WE COPY CODY CO’S VIDEOS This video - This videos from Codys 2nd channel Me - Well, he takes his words
Barrett Seehawer Fisher Foxy!!!
Barrett Seehawer Fisher Foxy!!! Před 11 dny
Who disliked this?
Banana Doppio
Banana Doppio Před 12 dny
Nuggetz Před 12 dny
I like how danny gets so pissed if you think this is his main channel.
John Jones
John Jones Před 12 dny
O) amogus
Serenity Tried
Serenity Tried Před 12 dny
Can someone tell me the software he is using?
Bedell Family Family
Bedell Family Family Před 13 dny
that was great
Super swag
Super swag Před 13 dny
This song is hard
moony Před 13 dny
This is like the feat. Nicki Minaj version of the song
PLAGUE Před 14 dny
I use closed hats for that repetitive tick sound but hi hats sound better
Gray Wolf
Gray Wolf Před 14 dny
Straight fire
Alma Yahalom
Alma Yahalom Před 14 dny
how is NO ONE talking about "stab stab"
Rachel Khoddam
Rachel Khoddam Před 16 dny
“Why can’t you get we don’t copy each other's videos? We copy Cody Ko’s”
Jude the Dude
Jude the Dude Před 16 dny
10:35 when a gta5 character gets a slushy
Matthew Hinshaw
Matthew Hinshaw Před 17 dny
Why does it seem like this video is 2017 Danny, from the poor lighting to the lazy thumbnail, although the actual video is good, and long.
Skellepina Před 17 dny
bro ive been watching to many vids abt people making fun of this guy that im being suggested his content.... why
Masa Mirabal
Masa Mirabal Před 17 dny
This is just Danny flexing that he can produce music, understand everything, and can make anything better for 15 minutes
•Røsy-Chān• Před 17 dny
A lyric I thought of was “I got slushies on my wrist ‘cause you know I’m iced-out” (Yes I understand it’s similar to Danny’s lyrics)
soultima Před 18 dny
What were you using to make the beat on your part
Perry Shimshelewitz
Perry Shimshelewitz Před 18 dny
Shelewitz in da house
Anabella Bass
Anabella Bass Před 18 dny
Me just watching the ad part to see the dog
Penn Ortley
Penn Ortley Před 20 dny
Not a horse
Not a horse Před 20 dny
Dean America
Dean America Před 22 dny
Does anyone know what what music software he used?
earl 803
earl 803 Před 22 dny
what is he using to make the music?
Gobble Me Swallow Me Drip Down The Side Of Me
Gobble Me Swallow Me Drip Down The Side Of Me Před 22 dny
You sound like blackbear if he made good music
g.j. Před 22 dny
this is my favorite danny video rn when are you making more like this bro
Tuffy Buffy
Tuffy Buffy Před 23 dny
peanut is adorable
kidsOfthefuture 2813
kidsOfthefuture 2813 Před 23 dny
Is no one laughing at this 8:44
Deopsey - Minecraft
Deopsey - Minecraft Před 23 dny
3:49 the legendary mouse
Samantha Rivera
Samantha Rivera Před 24 dny
7:31 sounds like a fucking 100 gecs song. now I wanna hear the whole verse with that 808
joyface panda
joyface panda Před 24 dny
What program did he use?
Hair Jordan
Hair Jordan Před 25 dny
Dang that actually turned out really good lol
bread Před 23 dny
Louise Fist
Louise Fist Před 25 dny
living that 18+ lemonade mouth dream
Cup of Swing
Cup of Swing Před 25 dny
does anyone know what software danny uses for the song?
LtheZ Před 26 dny
I know this video was posted a while ago, but can somebody add ANOTHER verse to this song, just start a chain of people adding verses to the same song and make it really long, I think it would be great
Atlotyken Před 26 dny
I bopped so hard to that
Amaster 10
Amaster 10 Před 27 dny
At 10:41 danny says dmoothie machine i was like he has smoothies and slushies
Kelly A. Roman
Kelly A. Roman Před 27 dny
I vibe with this vid of you and your music making process man I endorse more vids like this
Eletto Creative
Eletto Creative Před 27 dny
what was that thing you got the 808 from?
Rallkun Baldhr
Rallkun Baldhr Před 27 dny
Where’s the second episode of this This is great I love this I NEED THIS I NEED IT GODDAMN IT
Nathan sidelynk
Nathan sidelynk Před 27 dny
What site do you use for these songs. I can never find one that works for me. Thanks!
Shrekswife 361
Shrekswife 361 Před 28 dny
You really are talented tho
Shrekswife 361
Shrekswife 361 Před 28 dny
Dude do you have perfect pitch how did you do that without looking the chords up welcome to the 1%
lictxn Před 28 dny
k but like. why does this slap so hard
TTV Gx3_FIRE Před 28 dny
Does anyone know what he uses for the 808
laurenomatic Před 29 dny
10:32. Beachnotfound
My little brother is obsessed with this song and has been singing it for seven months straight yes it’s been seven months since the song has come when I’m writing
Voci Bell
Voci Bell Před měsícem
Danny in his rawest form, magnificent.
NotUndulateCrown58 Před měsícem
Danny’s life is sponsored by le croy
NotUndulateCrown58 Před měsícem
DontCallMeDave Před měsícem
why were the vocals so good
Rihanna Arouna
Rihanna Arouna Před měsícem
He needs to do this with a cocomelon song
Glizzy Man
Glizzy Man Před měsícem
danny is both 10 and 50 at the same time
FishGuy Před měsícem
big bar ice cream energy
BbR Mysteries
BbR Mysteries Před měsícem
why do you look like elon musk
Mushroom Music
Mushroom Music Před měsícem
Did he buy FL just to use it for this one video 😂
Maxon Mitchell
Maxon Mitchell Před měsícem
Idk if this is an insult or not, but I watch this vid to fall asleep. *And it actually works like wtf*
syd Před měsícem
Wtf skillssssss lol
Spegy 'n Merbles
Spegy 'n Merbles Před měsícem
Petition for Danny to make a punk rock song!
Rayyan Nofal
Rayyan Nofal Před měsícem
was the accent on purpose when u said rock and roll
Ben the banjo
Ben the banjo Před měsícem
I feel like this could be on MGK's new album
Cronicalninja_YT Před měsícem
7:03 this shit hits hard
Haley Paige
Haley Paige Před měsícem
15:06 i got u
gec Před měsícem
hi bestie
Valiant Squire
Valiant Squire Před měsícem
Alex Před měsícem
Random MR.E
Random MR.E Před měsícem
You’re white
munke munke
munke munke Před měsícem
but what is the program you use?
BladesAreStaged Před měsícem
alright you should colab now
Sky 76
Sky 76 Před měsícem
I honestly don't understand what he was saying making the song but homegirl watched the whole thing
Pedro Henrique Oliveira Candido
Pedro Henrique Oliveira Candido Před měsícem
Oh yea-
Rodent Approved
Rodent Approved Před měsícem
The holy rat blesses you
ジョルノジョバーナ Před měsícem
Why does Danny look 15 in this video
meh Před měsícem
Bee Boy 69
Bee Boy 69 Před měsícem
Does anyone know what he’s useing
Henry Payne
Henry Payne Před měsícem
looks like fl studio
bluefeather 64
bluefeather 64 Před měsícem
6:41 truly a musical genius lol
bluefeather 64
bluefeather 64 Před měsícem
2:30 lol
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