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Memeology Man
Memeology Man Před dnem
Nobody dislike
bobweirdgames 13
bobweirdgames 13 Před dnem
My mom has a sodastream
Ronn Harvey Nacario
Ronn Harvey Nacario Před 3 dny
Oh! It's laura aka drista without voice changer
guinea corns97
guinea corns97 Před 5 dny
it would be making them in to juice
Eveningswith Smith
Eveningswith Smith Před 8 dny
La croy should really sponsor him at this point
Jaymee Pelayo
Jaymee Pelayo Před 8 dny
Shelby onraet has 11.6k subs
Derpy Shark
Derpy Shark Před 8 dny
Pinnacle man Danny 😬. Larua 😀
Shlomit Yakobov
Shlomit Yakobov Před 11 dny
Please make another video with Laura
hellbornbrat Před 13 dny
I was born and raised in Houston so h-town represent 😛🤙🏽
moony Před 13 dny
i think we can all agree that a laura and amanda collab would hit so hard
angry and gay
angry and gay Před 14 dny
When tf did drew get his own channel?
M Před 17 dny
That girl with the subscriber special now has 11.6k subscribers
Jennifer Parke
Jennifer Parke Před 19 dny
“Every sip of Lacroix is a minor inconvenience”
Jessie Webster
Jessie Webster Před 20 dny
Laura looks like Anya Taylor-Joy and I can't unsee it
Júlia MDP
Júlia MDP Před 21 dnem
I give a 10/10 to pineapple man
aarya raj
aarya raj Před 23 dny
laura reminds me of anya taylor joy
DPplayz Před 23 dny
2 69s
Sam Kreblin
Sam Kreblin Před 23 dny
Sam Kreblin
Sam Kreblin Před 23 dny
Danny: Girls with short attention span named Laura...THATS MY TYPE THATS MY TYPE!!
Sam Kreblin
Sam Kreblin Před 23 dny
Love the Rainforest Café shirt makes the whole vid 😎😂
Katie Pasta
Katie Pasta Před 24 dny
If you're checking out Stephen King on Audible, you should really listen to The Shinning and Doctor Sleep! The reader who narrates The Shinning does a good job and I enjoy it but Will Patton does an amazing job with Doctor Sleep. I've listened to it about 6 times now, I think.
Otis Před 25 dny
i love how every clip here gained thousands of views after it was in this video and people went to watch it
Otis Před 25 dny
damn that girl that had 1 subscriber now has 11.6k subscribers just from that vid lol
Robyn D
Robyn D Před 26 dny
danny and laura make me so happy i'd love to see more of them
Rowan Davis
Rowan Davis Před 26 dny
Laura: When I first saw it I thought it was like snot Danny: Jeez how much snot do you think he had? Laura: Well, it's rainy, I don't know...
Doge Gang
Doge Gang Před 26 dny
Brotherhood039 Před 29 dny
Am I the only one who thinks that Danny may have touched a nerve there? 4:53
Kateebug Před 29 dny
The subscriber special girl now has over 11k subs AHAHA
Lia Před 29 dny
Bubba Kushington
Bubba Kushington Před měsícem
10 out of 10 Dog
lil Před měsícem
laura looks like anya taylor joy she is slaying
SAM Před měsícem
I understand how she had a subscriber before she had no videos. She probably made a comment under another video. I’ve subscribed to people off of comments alone before.
*insert name here*
*insert name here* Před měsícem
time to play can i watch danny and laura without throwing me phone from seeing and hearing my deadname 😏
Carl Před měsícem
Who else was here before Danny hit 1 mil?
IceyViking Před měsícem
It’s almost been a year make another one
ImTheCaptain101 Před měsícem
I cant belief Amanda is finally in one of Drew’s videos
Cheese Cucumber
Cheese Cucumber Před měsícem
That frog shirt though lmao
CWfan 2005
CWfan 2005 Před měsícem
Man it’s great to see drew hanging out with Amanda more
neko Před měsícem
7:02 E
The Hardins
The Hardins Před měsícem
Amanda's 2nd channel has really popped off, nice to see drew here too.
Koda Kincade
Koda Kincade Před měsícem
Lol 10 subs, f that we’re gonna give her 10,000 new subs!!!!
Randomish_Fish Před měsícem
ok but why does laura look like drew gooden ._.
Jane Ircha
Jane Ircha Před měsícem
At the end of the tv video I was like this is not Danny’s outri 🤣
Waterhail77 Před měsícem
Could you stop making me laugh please it hurts a little thank you
MooseChemist Před měsícem
Wait. I thought this was the unity guy..
- Paradox -
- Paradox - Před měsícem
"There could be anything in that water" yes like a pond monster
domdom Před měsícem
6:46 when it cut to their faces i almost pissed myself laughing everything about this is hilarious the imovie music the terrible acting the facial expressions comedy gold honestly 8:03 im cry laughing i cant this video is literally amazing
Jacob N
Jacob N Před měsícem
Pineapple man and dolphin man should form the best crime fighting team in the world (Ohoh)
Afshin Mithwani
Afshin Mithwani Před měsícem
Shelby now has over 10k subs wooooooooo
Rozzy Rose
Rozzy Rose Před měsícem
It’s rainy I don’t know
The L man
The L man Před měsícem
Lé sigh
Tony Stefanoni
Tony Stefanoni Před měsícem
new title "super robber kills pineapple man"
Cindy minja
Cindy minja Před měsícem
Laura is so adorable. U 2 crazy kids r adorable together
demonkiller8 Před měsícem
Wow omg so beautiful😍😍 Oh yeah, the girl's ok too i guess
Maya Pablo
Maya Pablo Před měsícem
Lmaoo I’m allergic to pineapple
Kara Gallier
Kara Gallier Před měsícem
the ENTIRE robber video absolutely SENT ME i don’t know how they weren’t laughing
King A
King A Před měsícem
I was not prepared for this 10:40
Andy Silva
Andy Silva Před měsícem
8:10 they really missed the opportunity for a "looking like a snack" joke.
mona alden
mona alden Před měsícem
this is meant as a compliment but laura looks so much like peanut
Redacted Před měsícem
Sydney Paunan
Sydney Paunan Před měsícem
10 months later and pineapple man still made me lose it
Chase Fred.
Chase Fred. Před měsícem
JONOTHAN! I know your in there! If you don’t come out RIGHT NOW I’m gonna throw you!
Arden Před měsícem
My family has a soda stream but the syrups became to expensive :( but it was fun to carbonate things
Dookie Fart
Dookie Fart Před měsícem
Danny has the t shirt I always wanted out of the fundraiser prize book thing
• Alexandra •
• Alexandra • Před měsícem
Dang she’s back from combat
Antarctia Morgana
Antarctia Morgana Před měsícem
your dog is so ugly
Parsa Ghorbani
Parsa Ghorbani Před měsícem
2:21 when you make the lead come out 2cm and are surprised when it breaks
Cat Files 2
Cat Files 2 Před měsícem
H He Hel Hell Hello Hello m Hello my Hello my n Hello my na Hello my nam Hello my name Hello my name i Hello my name is Hello my name is B Hello my name is Be Hello my name is Bec Hello my name is Beck Hello my name is Becke Hello my name is Becket Hello my name is Beckett Hello my name is Becket Hello my name is Becke Hello my name is Beck Hello my name is Bec Hello my name is Be Hello my name is B Hello my name is Hello my name i Hello my name Hello my nam Hello my na Hello my n Hello my Hello m Hello Hell Hel He H
Amelia Lee
Amelia Lee Před měsícem
I feel like you and your wife just met and are being forced to do a video together
Reapen8270 Gaming
Reapen8270 Gaming Před měsícem
I like that the subscriber special person (Shelby onraet) now has 11.5k subscribers
Coleton Stupp
Coleton Stupp Před měsícem
“How much snot did you think he had?” “Idk, it’s raining🙄”
Mattie V
Mattie V Před měsícem
The Shelby girl has like 11k subs now
Catra Applesauce Meowmeow
Catra Applesauce Meowmeow Před měsícem
I’ve never posted anything on this account, yet I have more subscribers than the account I actually upload on
Zoloid Před měsícem
Pineapple man will always be the true winner in my heart. Fax
Tabitha Mock
Tabitha Mock Před měsícem
Ok but because of this video danny built up that one girls channel shes at 11.k
It’s Henka You Psycho
It’s Henka You Psycho Před měsícem
Fact: I like Laura’s shirt. Very much.
Kasper Haxen
Kasper Haxen Před měsícem
its great to see that she came back from afghanistan
Agher The Dagger
Agher The Dagger Před měsícem
"and it got 100 and 69 views,nice"
Alfie Goosey
Alfie Goosey Před měsícem
Claire Murphy
Claire Murphy Před měsícem
Laura is actually super cute
HogwartsNerd Před měsícem
Wait...when did Drew and Amanda get a dog?
ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ Před měsícem
My husband and I have a dog named Cacahuete. So, technically, our dog is also named Peanut.
Anna Lodde
Anna Lodde Před měsícem
6:44 kid needs a grammy award
Monica Putri
Monica Putri Před měsícem
Laura looks like anya taylor joy
eshli Před měsícem
beth harmon indeed
Neat_Mars Před měsícem
Laura : did you sing this. Danny : stops video wait what the f@ck
MikeBrix Před měsícem
12:44 idk why but the way he says that and that he rubs his hands it's like he put something in the water and won't tell them what lol
JESUS LOVES U Před měsícem
Imogen Oliver-Jones
Imogen Oliver-Jones Před 27 dny
@JESUS LOVES U you talk about this "saviour" like we all believe in him
Lusus Naturae
Lusus Naturae Před 28 dny
@JESUS LOVES U Ye no thanks I'm good
JESUS LOVES U Před 28 dny
@Lusus Naturae I can help u
Lusus Naturae
Lusus Naturae Před 28 dny
@JESUS LOVES U Nah I'm gonna like double sin after this bullshit
Lusus Naturae
Lusus Naturae Před 28 dny
@JESUS LOVES U Nah I gotta sin so his death means something
Joy Outdoors
Joy Outdoors Před měsícem
You've been La Croix'd! And mrs. La Croix.
Jessica Zink
Jessica Zink Před měsícem
While watching this video I was drinking la crorx
Audrey Rose
Audrey Rose Před měsícem
7:08 SENT ME
Thecheezy Weebboy
Thecheezy Weebboy Před měsícem
I have aunt called Laura and she looks a lot like your wife Danny and it’s convinced me that all Laura’s look similar but some what different
Рэн Рамеовна
Рэн Рамеовна Před měsícem
I literally don't have anything on my channel not even a playlist and i have 3 subs 😂😂😂
Super Animations
Super Animations Před měsícem
you aren't drew
LFGA Animations
LFGA Animations Před měsícem
Why does she look like his mom
Raymond Kean
Raymond Kean Před měsícem
3:36 oh no I got hit by a car what a minor inconvenience
frog ian
frog ian Před měsícem
pineapple man stops robber is insanely good
Melanie E
Melanie E Před měsícem
And now Texas is being destroyed by a giant winter storm 😵. Poor Texas
Maya Parham
Maya Parham Před měsícem
Your awesome
Brayden Guy
Brayden Guy Před měsícem
4:55 PogU!
Satyam Rastogi
Satyam Rastogi Před měsícem
His wife looks like Drew ohhhhhhhhhhh now I know why Danny love her🤣
AGayDumbAss Před měsícem
Danny has aged like milk. More specifically; milk that has been frozen in time since the age of 15.
Alex Roberts
Alex Roberts Před 22 dny
Aged?? He’s still young
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