Taking Which Youtuber Are You Quiz Part 2

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2 Danny 2 Furious

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I'm doing it again cuz the first time didn't work except this time it's different because I took off my hoodie right before filming this and it left a little piece of fuzz on my shirt that you can look at for the whole video

Jocelyn Ogden
Jocelyn Ogden Před 9 hodinami
Anybody else confused why he used a really dark picture of George Washington for the thumbnail?
katie hockensmith
katie hockensmith Před 10 hodinami
Guys wait, is this Drew’s first or second channel? He didn’t really specify
Ghostly Před 18 hodinami
If you pick the third one every time, you will end up with Danny.
BAAKED IS DJ 420 Před 2 dny
wait is this ur main channel?
Rayne Michelle
Rayne Michelle Před 2 dny
Wait, is this your primary channel?
Sasha Braus
Sasha Braus Před 5 dny
this is such a coincidence he went to tokyo and wants to name his child levi???? from aot
iexinoir Před 6 dny
9:44 yay!! danny got himself at last :DD
Nathan Marmaduke
Nathan Marmaduke Před 6 dny
Hey I was wondering if this is your first or second channel
Logical Linkin
Logical Linkin Před 6 dny
Ok so main channel?
Bridget Cole
Bridget Cole Před 7 dny
why the fuck did they use that picture of kurtis
Carmen Sandiego
Carmen Sandiego Před 9 dny
Literally screamed when Kurtis’s picture popped up 😂💀
Norah Hoffert
Norah Hoffert Před 9 dny
You know that thing where when a word is said so many times it loses meaning. Yeah the word channel is meaningless now. Channel? What’s a channel? Who knows...
TindraSan Před 10 dny
this is some perfect commentary on parasocial relationships
TindraSan Před 10 dny
shoes with ahegao faces on them
tiddle widdle
tiddle widdle Před 10 dny
hes saying that this is his second channel so much im starting to think this is his main channel...
ameer and zara
ameer and zara Před 10 dny
I got drew
Olivia Muchow
Olivia Muchow Před 10 dny
Guys is this Danny’s second or first channel I can’t figure it out
Ashlynn Butterfield
Ashlynn Butterfield Před 10 dny
Danny really ignored every comment about his hair and picks the *eye* answer dawg u failed lmao
Lil' Sappy
Lil' Sappy Před 12 dny
Sommo playz
Sommo playz Před 13 dny
Pretty sure london is pyrocinical
TinTin 1230
TinTin 1230 Před 13 dny
Wait, if drew is danny than danny is kurtis, *kdanew*
Alyssa Mastroianni
Alyssa Mastroianni Před 13 dny
Little did Danny know that he made a quote saying “I don’t work towards dreams, I have nightmares I wanna move away from”
Deia Před 14 dny
I stumbled upon the first quiz before watching this video and my reaction to the first question was the SAME as Danny like why isn’t “what are those?” As option? Crazyyyyyy
Daniel Barakengera
Daniel Barakengera Před 15 dny
Fun fact: his short is the same colour of his youtube logo
Green Feather
Green Feather Před 16 dny
I did the exact same quiz and got you lol
o.lumma22 Před 16 dny
i took this quiz and got danny so i will be taking this channel and the main channel as i am the real danny thanks!
Naresh Patel
Naresh Patel Před 17 dny
"I dont work towards dreams, I work away from nightmares". -Danny, 2020
Lisa Hollingsworth
Lisa Hollingsworth Před 17 dny
You sure it's a second channel? Nah. It can't be..
Jessie Jay
Jessie Jay Před 17 dny
Finally found his main channel.
PessimisticDiabetic Před 19 dny
“I don’t have dreams I work towards, I only have nightmares I walk away from” is really inspirational like tf
SpaceAtmospheric Před 19 dny
i picked almost none of the same questions as you and they still said i was you.
Cold War boyfriend
Cold War boyfriend Před 19 dny
I am now Drew Gooden I suppose.
Aperson Před 20 dny
Oh man
Worth Pixie
Worth Pixie Před 20 dny
i took the same quiz and did it by my own answers and got you haahahah
s i p p
s i p p Před 20 dny
It’s like soda but *without the flavor* ;p
Darth Bob
Darth Bob Před 21 dnem
Could this be... your second channel?
I don’t have a name I couldn’t think of anything
I don’t have a name I couldn’t think of anything Před 22 dny
“Oh, so that’s what you’re wearing?” Is that a call back?
It’s Minecraft Master
It’s Minecraft Master Před 22 dny
I did a quiz to find out what Danny Gonzalez song you are and I got we are not the same person
Link Michaels
Link Michaels Před 23 dny
so this is not the main channel its the second channel but any channel where they drink lecroy must be the main channel
Shelby Gill
Shelby Gill Před 23 dny
Why is the thumb nail have George Washington on it 😭
Clara Poker
Clara Poker Před 23 dny
Love how he says channel like 50 times In the first minute LOL
Roan Parker
Roan Parker Před 23 dny
Danny you should watch the baby bachelor on CSposts
phoebe tristram churchill
phoebe tristram churchill Před 23 dny
main channel?
norma morales
norma morales Před 24 dny
You should do akinaitor
sophie eula
sophie eula Před 27 dny
wait youre kurtis??? thats crazy i just took the quiz and i got this guy named danny!
Marija Sholevska
Marija Sholevska Před 28 dny
I love you
The Sleepy Dot
The Sleepy Dot Před 29 dny
what happened to your slapped by legal video? :(
neko Před měsícem
for a minute i thought this was danny’s first channel before he told me this was his second channel where he likes to get a little bit for goofy and silly
Kaelyn was Here
Kaelyn was Here Před měsícem
FlourOnMyApron Před měsícem
Hmm... I'm starting to suspect this isn't Danny's second channel. It's too... goofy.
Beavis125 Před měsícem
in 1 day, the video will be a year old.
Rebekah Reid
Rebekah Reid Před měsícem
Wait if danny is kurtis is drew kurtis to? 😂
teeth eaters anonymous
teeth eaters anonymous Před měsícem
I was lmfao when Danny got Kurtis
Jemma Pelle
Jemma Pelle Před měsícem
11:46 why does it say Danny Gonzalez when it’s a clear picture of drew?
Lucy V
Lucy V Před měsícem
I got Danny🤪
MimiMouse !
MimiMouse ! Před měsícem
I did the quiz, I got Kurtis. I mean I'm not disappointed but Danny or Drew are cool too
Sp0cky uwu
Sp0cky uwu Před měsícem
is this the main channel??
Neda Před měsícem
Wow i was watching your video and my sister said that you talk alot how can you tolerate it. But for the answer I said I like to listen to him because he’s funny.🙇🏻‍♀️
Tomato King
Tomato King Před měsícem
9:45 I’m kurtis and I am danny
Zachary Rudman
Zachary Rudman Před měsícem
In the last video " what, I think about how I look in my videos?" This video has a hole in his shirt. WOW
Shizen TheW33b
Shizen TheW33b Před měsícem
bruh im sorry but like............dude...danny, the people that made this quiz made it based on your yt persona, why answer it truthfully when they dont know the real u or what u would actually pick. yet u still expect them to make the quiz answers correctly. bruh :/ edit: LMAO i just finished the vid and realized he finally did answer as a fan or as his yt persona
pin3tr33s_ Před měsícem
i lost it at the picture that they used for kurtis
Kyrone Shasassy
Kyrone Shasassy Před měsícem
I took this quiz when I started watching the video without seeing his answers and got him :P My answers vs. his answers were totally different, though . . . Haha!
Sanjana Sakhare
Sanjana Sakhare Před měsícem
I answered to the same quiz I answer the question honestly and I got Danny Gonzalez
Josie Reed
Josie Reed Před měsícem
i tried limoncello lacroix today and its so good, thank you danny
Star Kid
Star Kid Před měsícem
not me speed taking it and getting you
SirenGPS Před měsícem
So glad I’m at the main channel where he’s not goofy and doesn’t drink lacroi
Tyler White
Tyler White Před měsícem
"I might fuck around and blame somebody else"... I lost it lol 😂
Sharon Yerian
Sharon Yerian Před měsícem
Like if Jake Paul is dumb because he said a goat went Neigh
Katie M
Katie M Před měsícem
Wait so it's still unclear, is this his main channel or his second channel
Redacted Před měsícem
I actually have night terrors every night
Gressa New
Gressa New Před měsícem
its cause you didn't pick japan :,)
Star-Lord Před měsícem
I can’t believe this is Danny’s second channel where he gets a little sillier.
Banana Pug
Banana Pug Před měsícem
Is this your main channel?
Waffle Před měsícem
Is this your 2nd channel
Landon Sur
Landon Sur Před měsícem
a charger on a deserted island wat
Huckle *__*
Huckle *__* Před měsícem
So wait this is his main channel?
Erica Manley
Erica Manley Před měsícem
So it’s been almost a year since this video was posted and I’m still not sure.. this Danny’s main channel right??
Elizabeth Duncan
Elizabeth Duncan Před měsícem
why does he have a line on his chin i hate this its so distracting
ʚ skie ɞ
ʚ skie ɞ Před měsícem
i am also kurtis
Intars klavins
Intars klavins Před měsícem
Try aicinator 👽👽
Andrew Mills
Andrew Mills Před měsícem
“I don’t have dreams that I work towards, I have nightmares that I work away from” -Danny Gonzalez
Malcolm Baker
Malcolm Baker Před měsícem
is this your main channel
Theawesomefamilyguyman Před měsícem
La Croix sucks
Ann Apologue
Ann Apologue Před měsícem
this was funny slfdjk;f
Lockness dog g
Lockness dog g Před měsícem
Wait is this his main channel
K P3
K P3 Před měsícem
Idk, he didn’t really say.
JJ Před měsícem
Danny having an identity crisis because of a BuzzFeed quiz for 12 minutes straight
Logic_Gamertag Před měsícem
Is main channel??
Thoughtless _bruh edition_
Thoughtless _bruh edition_ Před měsícem
Wait, so is this his 3rd channel?
Jar Man
Jar Man Před měsícem
who is behind the curtains?
Sage Robertson
Sage Robertson Před měsícem
00:08 00:10 00:11 00:13 00:15 00:17 00:18 00:20 00:28 That's a lot of channel.
Joy Outdoors
Joy Outdoors Před měsícem
You've been La Croix'd! So now I'm wondering why I'm doing this.
Rave Před měsícem
What up drew
heyguysify Před měsícem
I rly support the music in this video
Pärgel Před měsícem
What is that stripe on his chin ?
GoharG- TunesGoHard
GoharG- TunesGoHard Před měsícem
i took the quiz and got you sooooo
Sophia Pursell
Sophia Pursell Před měsícem
Ummm I’m pretty sure this is your 1st channel
Anna Kalkman
Anna Kalkman Před měsícem
"I don't have dreams that I work toward, I have nightmares that I work away from"
Cloud M
Cloud M Před měsícem
Danny what? Is this your main channel? Idk
KNG Clan
KNG Clan Před měsícem
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